Work Wear: Midi Skirt & Button Down Shirt

Happy Monday!
faux leather skirt with animal print details
faux leather oxblood skirt

Beverly of XO Beverly
Beverly of XO Beverly
White button down and midi skirt

This morning definitely did not start out as planned.  I just started a new job two weeks ago and because I was at the client all last week, I completely forgot my combination to get into the office.  After a few trials I finally tried a combination that worked.  I knew the numbers, however, just could not remember what I had changed up.  I get to my desk and of course my computer would not start. I tried everything from trying a different power supply to taking the battery out.  As I waited for almost 3 hours to get someone in IT to help me set up the backup loaner computer, it finally decided to come back to life.  So, I basically wasted approximately 3.5 hours of my morning. I was just ready to crawl back into bed and try again tomorrow.

This is one of my favorite outfits to date that I own.  I always get compliments on the skirt, not to mention I always have people ask to touch the fabric.  It looks like faux leather, however, the fabric texture has this strange soft paper feeling when you touch it.

I hope your Monday started out much better than mine.
Beverly of XO Beverly


Skirt: Zara (old) – Shoes: Nordstrom (similar) – Bag: Dillards (similar) – Shirt: Banana Republic (Same)

All Photos:  Kate Davis Photo

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