Casual Wear: Breton Striped Dress + Denim Jacket

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Breton stripes are my favorite stripes. Mostly because Coco Chanel is the queen of stripes.  I saw this dress when I walked into Ann Taylor one day after work.  I had to have it.  The dress is made of stretchy fitted fabric.  Its very comfortable and is a great versatile piece.  As you can see in today’s post, I paired it with a denim jacket and some booties to make it more casual.  When I wear it to work, I usually trade the booties for a pair of either black or pink heels and then throw on a blazer.

The coach saddle bag was a garage sale find.  My husband and I were in Indianapolis for a friend’s birthday surprise bar crawl when I tagged along to be one the best garage sales I have even been to.  The lady was a hoarder of nice expensive things and her children were getting rid of some of them.  I bought this slightly used coach saddle bag, a Bally’s quilted shoulder bag, and another Gucci bag that looks like this one but its green leather.  I need to have that bag authenticated.  Inside the strap it says “made in Italy” and our friend’s mom who was with me that day said that it was real leather.  So who knows.  The kicker, I got all 3 bags for $50.  I only had $30 on me that day and had to borrow the other $20.

It’s almost Friday!  I have some Valentine’s day looks coming to the blog next Monday.  Be sure to check the blog.




All Photos: Kate Davis Photo

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