White Pleated Dress & Blue Jacket

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This white pleated dress and blue jacket are the perfect combination.  My love for pleats is evidenced here and here.  When I got this dress in the mail I put it on and started twirling.  My husband’s reaction to the twirling?  “You sure do love those flowy skirts.”  The jacket is an old purchase from when I was visiting my family in England a few years ago.  I love the zipper details on the jacket.

This week has been focused on getting back to a somewhat normal studying routine.  I have my cpa exam scheduled for April 2nd (EEEEK!) and I am slowly running out of time to goof off.  With the profession that I am in, I need to be a CPA to advance.  And who on this earth takes on job and decides to just be content with where they are? So, study I must even if it kills me.

I have been going to Orange Theory for the last few weeks, however, my lower back has started hurting.  I am not sure if its all the rowing that we do or what moves I am possibly doing wrong.  I  am going to stick it out because Hawaii is not too far away.  I also started the Whole 30 with that I am also giving up coffee.  I find myself mindlessly drinking coffee all day at work and end up hardly drinking any water.  Coffee also makes my tummy hurt but yet I continue to drink it.  I will let you guys know how it goes.  I am doing it through April 20th since we leave for Hawaii on April 21.

Happy Friday guys.  Hope you enjoy your weekend.




Dress: Asos – Shoes: Guess – Jacket: Jane Norman (Old): Similar Similar – Necklace: Baublebar (Old) Similar Similar

All Photos: Kate Davis Photo

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