Great Gifts For Men In Your Life

great gifts for men1. Flannel Pajama Pants  // 2. Duffel Bag  // 3. Boxer Briefs  // 4. Nixon Watch // 5. YSL Cologne //6. Slippers // 7. Navy Plaid Scarf // 8. Wool Smartphone Gloves

I have put together a list of great gifts for men in your life.  With Christmas slowly approaching I always start thinking around this time of what gifts to get for my husband, dad, and brother.  I actually find them easy to shop for because I always go for items that they need and a few items  on their want list.

The list I put together today, I had my husband in mind.  Almost two months ago on a whim we decided to move back to the Midwest from Nashville in order to be closer to family (more on that later).

Happy Monday!




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