Whole30 Diet While Pregnant: Week One Update

Whole30 Diet While Pregnant: Week One Update by popular Ohio blogger XO Beverly
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Week one is always the hardest for me whenever I do the whole30 diet, factor in doing the whole30 diet while pregnant and just makes for some interesting conversation. I have to say I am glad I waited till my third trimester to take on the whole30 diet. I have been feeling great and no unusual cravings.

Whole30 Diet – How I felt

I was tired and sluggish a lot which is totally normal considering I had been eating all kinds of bread and pasta prior to taking on the whole30. The first week according to the whole 30 timeline (I love this timeline) my sluggish feeling is totally normal.

Whole30 Diet – What I Ate


I pretty much stick to the same thing over and over. I could eat boiled eggs all day everyday. For some reason the egg muffins are very popular, however, by the time I get to day 3 those things taste rubbery. I used to make them years back when I first started following the paleo diet but have since stopped. Below are my go to breakfast meals:

Veggie egg scramble – 3 eggs scrambled, spinach, onion, and tomatoes.  I sauté the onions first and then I add the tomatoes. Let them cook for a bit and then add the spinach. Once the spinach has wilted I add my whisked eggs.  Add some avocado and you have yourself a quick and easy breakfast. When I feel like prepping meals I will make premake the veggie mix and store it in a container in the fridge.

Boiled Eggs – I make this in the egg genie.  I usually just make 2 eggs and then add an avocado to the meal. This is my go to meal when I cant get out of bed early enough to make my veggie scramble or I just don’t feel like making anything.

Paleomg Meat Crust Quiche – this is one of my all time favorite breakfast dishes to make ahead. The combination of the meat and the veggies I think makes the eggs not rubbery. I usually make this on a Sunday and just eat away during the week. Its delicious!


My lunches are usually leftovers of whatever we had the night before. One of the days I went to our cafeteria at work and had a salad. The only times I do not have leftovers is on the night we have salmon. I do not want to be THAT person that is heating up fish in the office. Packing leftovers for a weekday lunch is just easier for me because it helps me to stay on track. It’s also one meal I do not have to worry about. If there was ever a meal for me to go rogue, that would be lunch. I can’t be trusted to make wise decisions when I eat out at lunch.


Stuffed Peppers from Everyday Paleo CookbookSarah’s website was one of the very first paleo websites I ever discovered. The stuffed peppers recipe in her cookbook has veggies mixed in and delicious. This is one of our go to dinner recipes. Not to mention the peppers are great warmed up.

Salmon, steamed green beans and avocado is another easy go to meal we had this week.

Rotisserie chicken with baked red skin potatoes and sautéed spinach. I always keep a rotisserie chicken in the fridge because it’s an easy dinner when neither of us feels like cooking. I usually take it apart and use the shredded meat for salads or to make a quick veggie soup.

Chicken stir fry – I have no clue where I got the recipe but I have been making it this way for a while. I buy a bag of broccoli slaw and red/green/yellow peppers. I slice the peppers long ways. Put coconut oil in a wok and then I add the veggies. I let them cook until they are tender and then I add the meat. I then add whole30 approved coconut aminos and let it simmer. I serve it over some cauliflower rice.

Thats it for the first week of my Whole30 diet. Have you guys discovered any new recipes that you would like to share?







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