A Peak Into Our Living Room

a peak into our living room

In today’s post I am showing a peak into our living room.

For years I had been obsessing over this Pottery Barn sofa and chair. My husband and I had a leather couch and chair already, but they were pieces that we had bought off our friends’ parents when they were moving out of their house.  Convincing my husband that purchasing these pieces was going to be a challenge. Especially when you look at the price tag.

We were living a hotel by a mall and so I convinced him every night after dinner to walk over to Pottery Barn and we would sit on the sofa. It took me months to convince him and when we moved into our house the furniture happened to be on sale.  We measured our doorway multiple times to make sure the sofa would fit once it was delivered.

I am not a huge fan of putting art on walls and it drives my husband nuts.  The world map he picked up at World Market when we lived in Tennessee.  The end table and the coffee table are all from World Market. My husband has an obsession with them. He was the one that picked out the table, end table and the lamp.

I have had this record player when we lived in Tennessee, however, I never had a spot to put it. In our current home we had just the corner to put it up.  My husband bought one of Bob Marley’s albums on vinyl that he plays occasionally for our son singing along loudly.



All Photos: Emma Parker Photography






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