My Picks: Anthropologie’s New Arrivals

Anthropologie's New Arrivals

My picks from anthropologie’s new arrivals.  The floral embroidered dress above caught my eye as I was scrolling. It would be the perfect dress for any weddings you may have this fall.  It is also a great piece for Spring. I feel as though florals are never out of season.

This floral slip dress above is another great fall transitional piece.  You can easily add a white button down shirt or a black turtleneck underneath the dress to make it appropriate for fall and even for work.  If you do not feel like layering it for work, you can easily throw on a blazer.

Having moved back to Ohio, this Sherpa Coat will be a much needed addition to my closet. Not only is it stylish, it also looks warm and cozy. I cannot tell you how many times back in the day I sacrificed being warm just to look stylish. I am glad I am finally over that phase.

Below are some other items that caught my eye from the new arrivals.


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