Dresses Under $100 With Need Supply Co.

Today’s post features dresses under $100 with Need Supply Co.

dresses under $100 with need supply

I had never heard of Need Supply Co till one of my favorite bloggers, Meg Biram or Megbiram.com posted a few items on her instagram stories when Need Supply was having a sale. This dress was one of the dresses she listed and I had to have it. I love pleated anything (see here, here, and here) as evidenced in the three posts I linked.

Since becoming a mom, my body has changed. I am back down to my pre baby weight, however, things have shifted. I have two pairs of Spanx that I purchased from Nordstrom a few years ago and you will find me wearing Spanx each weekday. I like this style because it makes it easier for me to pump and/or  nurse. Because my body has changed, I am learning to dress for my new body. I still have a pooch, which has me reaching for dresses that take the focus off my belly.

Below are some of my favorite finds under $100 from Need Supply Co.


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