Indochino Review: Buying A Custom Suit Online

Buying a new custom suit online or in store can be a little overwhelming, but for me, I always find it to be exciting.  I don’t get to wear suits very often besides weddings and a few yearly work events, so I find dressing up a time to look good and look the part.  Having a perfectly fitting customized suit is a great staple to add to your closet. This can be something that you can wear on multiple occasions when you need to dress up and not feel out dated. 

Indochino is one of the companies that offer custom tailored suits and shirts at relatively the same price as you would off the rack at a local store or a local tailor. I first heard about Indochino about two years ago on Instagram, where someone I had been following tagged the suit they were wearing.  I was in the market for a new suit, so after looking around their instagram account, their website ( and finding some positive google reviews, I decided that I would give the online suit customization process a shot. 

Indochino is a completely customizable experience when it comes to suits.  They have a wide range of suits in all sorts of colors, striped or solid, different weights when it comes to the fabric (lighter for Summer, heavier for Winter), and different materials (100% wool, Cotton, combination of wool and cashmere, etc).  You can even pick out the color of the lining and what lapel you prefer, as well as width on the lapel. After you narrow down your decision, which might take some time with so many options, you get to the important part, the measurements.  You will do all the measurements that they would be doing at a tailor, but in your own home. So grab a friend or significant other and have a tape measure ready, and the website gives you step by step instructions for each measurement, with a video accompanying each step.  It’s very easy to follow the steps, but it’s very important to get the measurements precise so you get a perfect fitting suit.

After it’s all said and done, your suit will arrive in about three weeks, so if you have procrastinated and have a wedding you are attending in a week ,this might not be the service for you.  But if you have planned ahead and don’t mind waiting for a perfectly tailored suit based on your measurements, Indonchino is for you.

I got my suit two years ago, and I couldn’t be happier with the product.  It fits great, is slim fitting but not too tight, seems to be of high quality, and more importantly, looks great.  I really enjoyed my experience ordering a suit from Indochino, and if you’re in the market for a new suit, I recommend you give it a try.         

customized suit

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