Finding The Perfect Baby Bottle & Pacifier That Fits Your Lifestyle

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Being a first time mom comes with challenges, especially when trying to find the right products for our son. During my pregnancy, I read so many books and did so much research on baby products. At the top of the list was finding the right bottles and pacifiers since I was planning on going back to work, and I also needed bottles that worked with our on-the-go lifestyle.  My husband loves to do stuff outside of the house, and I knew that he would probably have a handful of solo outings with the baby.

I was planning on breastfeeding, and I was frantic about making sure that I sterilized bottles once a week and hoped that family members that helped with watching the baby would also do the same. If I were to get a dollar for every time I saw a pacifier fall on the ground and it just got picked up and stuck back in the baby’s mouth, I would be a millionaire. Just the thought of it makes me cringe. However, if you really think about, if you are out and about, it does get tricky making sure bottles and pacifiers are sterilized.

With my research on baby products, I came across the MAM Perfect Pacifier with sterilizing box and self-sterilizing MAM Anti-Colic bottles on Amazon. I grew up in Zimbabwe, and I remember most parents boiled bottles to sterilize them. There was no way I was doing that every single week nor did I expect my husband to know exactly what to do if I needed him to sterilize the bottles and pacifiers. We looked into getting a standalone bottle sterilizer, however, our minimal counter space made that option impractical. The MAM Perfect Pacifier and the self-sterilizing MAM Anti-Colic bottle were a no brainer for us. The self-sterilizing Anti-Colic bottle has a wide opening at the base of the bottle which makes it easy to clean, fill and assemble. The bottle self-sterilizes in the microwave in just 3 minutes. The Perfect Pacifier and the pacifier sterilizing box were easy to have on the go as well. My husband just grabs the pacifier sterilizing box and sticks it in his pocket when he goes out and about with the baby. He can easily fill the sterilizing box with water, stick it in the microwave, and just like the bottles, we have sterilized pacifiers in 3 minutes.

I would definitely rank the MAM Perfect Pacifier and the self-sterilizing Anti-Colic Bottle at the top of my “must-have baby items” list because of the ease of convenience. Get them both from Amazon today.


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