Brutus’ Updated Diet With Freshpet

This post was sponsored by Freshpet. All opinions are my own. 

Brutus has been part of the family since he was a few weeks old and with his 9th birthday around the corner we decided to switch his dog food to fresh dog food. We got the chance to try Freshpet‘s natural and nutritious  fresh dog food, we could not be any happier pet parents.

Brutus usually eats dinner around 530pm and each time it gets closer to dinner time and he hears the fridge door open, he gets up from whatever part of the house he is resting and heads into the kitchen. I usually cut up the Chunky Chicken & Turkey Roll as he makes his way into the kitchen. Basset Hounds are known for having ear infections and we have learned over the years that a good healthy diet keeps him out of the vet’s office.

Fresh dog food has always been something we gave him as a treat, but now he gets it as part of his daily diet. He is a very picky eater and in the past he would skip some meals during the course of the week. He has yet to skip a meal in the last few months that he has been eating Freshpet  and we could not be any happier. I always worry about him especially when he goes 24 hours without eating. We have noticed that now he eats more frequently, he has a lot more energy and demands to be walked at least twice a day. On cooler days he might even get in 3 walks. We always get compliments on how healthy he looks for being a Basset Hound.

We usually but Freshpet from Target, the pet store, or in the refrigerated section of our local grocery store. Find out where you can find FreshPet here.


All Photos: Folchi Creative


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