Finding The Perfect Custom Fit Shoes

A few years back I had ACL surgery and finding comfortable shoes has been a struggle. I have always associated being comfortable with having to wear a pair of not so fashionable shoes. Now that I am the mom to a very active toddler, I knew I needed shoes that are not only fashionable, but also comfortable with the proper support. In today’s post, I have partnered with The Walking Company to share my ABEO® experience in trying on the ABEO shoe brand. When I found out all ABEO footwear comes with a custom-fit footbed/arch support/orthotic for the ultimate customized comfort, I knew I had to give them a try.

I made an appointment at one of the local The Walking Company locations and I have to say my experience in the store exceeded all my expectations. At The Walking Company an associate utilizes state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology to determine your arch type and match your foot type to your ABEO footwear choice (sandals, dress, athletic styles, casuals & more). The Walking Company had an ABEO mat which helps in digitally fitting my feet with the right orthotics for my arch. I was able to see on the screen how my feet had completely different arches. My right foot, which I have had issue with since that was the foot I had surgery on had a very low arch whereas my left foot had a very high arch.

Depending on the style, ABEO features interchangeable 3D3 orthotics or built-in orthotics custom matched to the foot. First I tried on a pair of tennis shoes that we input a pair of insoles that I could use on any other pairs of shoes I already owned to help with support. I walked around the store testing out the insoles to see if they were comfortable, which they were. I will  have to admit, having the arch support felt a little weird at first on the balls of my feet but once I started walking around I could tell the difference in my stride.

I then tried on another pair of shoes, a pair of flats, that already had the orthotic support and it felt like I was walking on a gel cushion. These were even more comfortable and since I was also on the hunt for a pair of everyday flats, I put this pair on my wishlist. The last pair I tried on was a pair of ankle booties. I definitely could see myself styling the ankle boots multiple ways but then I was not sure if the heel would be practical for chasing after a toddler. I walked around the store to test out the booties and I was sold on that pair.

The ankle booties are the ones I ended up purchasing, however, I will definitely be buying the flats in black. I put the ankle booties to the test by wearing them to a toddler birthday party. I was on my feet running around for about 2 hours straight and I have to say I did not even realize that the booties had a heel to them. They were comfortable even after hours of being on my feet.

This experience showed me that I can still be stylish without having to compromise comfort.



All Photos: Folchi Creative Photography 




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