10 Must Have Pieces To Build A Work Wardrobe

For being someone who has worked in the Corporate world for almost 12 years, I am sharing the top 10 must have pieces to build a work wardrobe. Be sure to check out my last post (here) where I shared some of the places where you can purchase affordable work wear. As you think about building your work wardrobe and start accumulating your top 10 must have pieces, always think about your lifestyle and how each piece ties into that.

1) White Button Down Shirt 

A white button down shirt is one of the classics to have in your closet. It’s a piece that I can dress down or easily dress up. If you are not a huge fan of a white button down and you find it to be dressy for your office, then you can always opt for a blouse.

2. Cami

This is a piece that I normally wear under a blazer or a cardigan. You want to stay away from camis that have any lace detailing or any that resemble lingerie.

3. Sweater

I usually have a crew neck sweater or a v-neck sweater as part of my wardrobe basics. Black, navy, grey, or camel are some of the colors that tend to pair well with multiple color schemes. If you go for a v-neck sweater make sure the

4. Dress

Pencil dresses have been my go to for years now. However, my body has changed quite a bit since having a baby. I tend to go for fit and flare dresses now since those also flatter my new body and they make me a lot less conscious of my stomach area.

5. Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are my all time favorites. I always go through skirts when I am out thrifting. Wool pencil skirts hold up well and will last you forever if you take good care of them. Pleated midi skirts are another one of my favorites.

6. Pants

Ann Taylor is a great place for pants. They have curvy fit, tall, regular and petite.

7. Blazer

Blazer are some of the priciest pieces you will find out there. The thriftstore is a great place to look. Always go for a solid color e.g black, navy, or camel, because those colors go with almost all colors. Make sure you buy a blazer made out of quality fabric. You want to make sure your items can withstand the test of time.

8. Coat

A well tailored coat always makes any outfit look pulled together. I always buy my coats during the end of season sales. Another piece that is great to pick up at a thriftstore. Trench coats are also another timeless classic.

9. Jeans

I added jeans to this list because a lot of offices now have denim Fridays with some other denim days sprinkled in between to raise money for charity. I say stay away from jeans that have rips. Old Navy has been my go to lately for jeans. The fit has been great and the prices are even better.

10. Heels

A good comfortable pair of shoes is the last piece for your wardrobe. If you wear heels, just be sure that they are below 4 inches. Some workplaces even have the heel height noted in the dress code policy.




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