3 Stylish Casual Friday Outfits

Casual Friday outfits are always my favorite because I get to play with other options outside of just a pair jeans.  Most offices now allow their employees to wear jeans on Fridays and I am sharing ways to look stylish without looking sloppy. I have met people who are not fans of wearing jeans and know of one person who owned not a single pair of denim.

style a midi denim pencil skirt and button down for the office by popular Ohio style blogger XO Beverly

I like mixing it up between jeans, denim skirts, and cargo pants (sans the typical cargo pant pockets).

Denim skirt

I have worn a pencil skirt or have worn a pleated midi denim skirt during each work place’s (as seen here). With skirts you want to make sure they are not too short, a midi skirt is usually the perfect length. If you go with a skirt that has a slit in the front or on the side, you need to make sure that the slit is not too high.


Old Navy has become my go to for jeans these days. I had not bought a pair of jeans from them in almost 10 years since the fit used to not be flattering on me. When it comes to jeans on casual Fridays I usually go for a skinny jean, straight leg jean, boyfriend jean, or flared leg jeans. Ripped jeans are not to be worn unless you work in a more creative environment where it is ok to wear ripped jeans.


Khaki Pants

Other days, I want nothing to do with denim. This is an option especially for people that do not like to wear denim. Gap chinos are usually my go to on Fridays that I do not feel like wearing jeans.


If you are not sure on what to wear on casual Fridays at your office, I would play it safe the first Friday and pay attention to what everyone else is wearing.











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