5 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Building a strong shoe selection is no easy task. It’s easy to get distracted by pretty but impractical styles, a la Carrie Bradshaw. It’s true those fluffy pink stilettos are cute, but let’s be honest – they probably don’t enter your rotation much since you’re not a fictional character on TV. Result? You wear the same pair every day but have a closet full of shoes you barely wear. Shop smarter when it comes to shoes. You can still find stylish shoes for women that are comfortable and very much wearable.

must have shoes

5 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Black ankle boots 

Ankle boots are every fashion lover’s must have shoes. Scroll through any fashion influencer/celebrity’s instagram and you’ll spot a fair share of ankle boot outfits, guaranteed. They’re ultra versatile and chic. You can wear them (almost) year round and they look good with pretty much everything. A casual jeans and tee? Check. A feminine dress? Check. An oversize knit and skirt? Check. A blazer and trousers? Check. Also basically any variation of all the above mentioned items. You can get a heeled or flat version, depending on your needs and comfort level. If you don’t have a pair yet, what are you waiting for?

Classic heels

Keep a nice pair of heels in your closet for special/formal occasions. A closed toe variation is probably a safer bet as you can wear them for professional events (job interviews, meetings, etc) as well as special events (parties, weddings, nights out, etc). They will also look good with tights during colder weather. However if you feel that an open-toed version suits your lifestyle better, go for it! Stick to a simple design in a neutral color (black/beige) so they can easily match whatever outfit you’ll need to wear them with, whether it’s a business suit or a party dress.


Sometimes you need to give your feet some TLC, and that’s why you should definitely invest in some comfortable sneakers. We are probably in the golden age of sneakers fashion-wise. There are more stylish options than ever, so why wouldn’t you get yourself a pair? Your feet will thank you. They will definitely become your go-to shoes for relaxing days off, running errands, and everything in between. You can wear them casually, or you can use them to create high-low street style outfits, contrasting them with feminine dresses or tailored suits.

Comfortable flats

Though sneakers are becoming more widely accepted than ever, you will most likely encounter occasions where they aren’t appropriate. But you might not want to wear heels. In this case, a pair of comfortable flats is just what you need. They could be girly ballerina flats, masculine Oxford shoes, or smart loafers. No matter what your style is, all of these options are stylish and versatile. You can wear them to elevate your casual outfits or complement a more formal look. These styles of shoes are great because they look appropriate in almost any location/occasion: work (with a casual or professional dress code), a day out with friends/family, running errands, a vacation, a special event … you can easily dress them up or down depending on your outfit, and they will always work!


When summer rolls around or you head on a tropical beach vacation, you need to have a great pair of sandals. Since you will probably only be wearing your sandals in a relaxed, casual setting the style you choose is completely up to you! There are sporty slides, boho Birkenstocks, minimalist strappy sandals, fierce gladiators, and a million variations in between. To choose the pair that’s right for you, consider the rest of your summer wardrobe. Are you a flirty sundress kind of girl or do you prefer flowy maxi dresses? Or do you just stick to good old fashion shorts and a tank top?
*If your sandals are mainly for vacations, it’s worth it to get a slightly dressier pair so you can take them from the beach to a restaurant without worrying about violating any dress codes.


Once you’ve got a solid shoe foundation you can build the rest of your collection around it. Pay attention to the type of shoe you wear the most and get variations in that rather than impulse buying a cute shoe you probably won’t end up wearing. For example, if you discover you’re an ankle boot lover you can start shopping around for styles in different colors, textures, and heel heights. Since it’s the type of shoe you find yourself wearing the most, you’ll find them easy to style and will still end up wearing every pair that you have.


That being said – if you have the space and budget for the odd impractical-but-cute impulse buy, we’re not discouraging it! If you can justify wearing them at least once, why not? Just make sure the majority shoes are wearable basics and not the other way around. Your wallet, your wardrobe, and you will be a lot happier.


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