Amazon Fashion Finds

If you follow me on instagram, you would know that I teamed up with some fellow bloggers this week to share some of our Amazon fashion spring finds. I have been needing more summer dresses and so I scoured the site that is Amazon.

amazon fashion spring finds

I have ordered a lot of things off Amazon, but I had never ordered clothes. I will be honest, its a lot of clothes to sift through and I also was not sure of the quality of clothing, however, I was pleasantly surprised how good the quality of the pieces I bought was. 

I have been going through my closet and slowly getting rid of items that I have held on to for years that do not fit. I have to slowly rebuild my wardrobe. Below are some of the pieces I purchased. I have been asking myself with each piece that I buy if I can style that piece 3 different ways. Also, if I am not too sure if I like something, I do not purchase it or keep it after I have received in the mail. This has helped me with building my wardrobe because I am not stuck keeping items that I never end up wearing. 

For sizing reference, I am normally between a 10/12 at J Crew and for each dress I ordered a size Large. Each item fit perfectly, so I would double the size charts for any of the items you may be interested in getting. 

Below some additional pieces that I like and will be getting in the upcoming months. 



All Photography : Folchi Creative LLC 




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