Finding The Perfect Comfortable Shoe

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As much as I love my heels, once in a while I just want a good pair of flats that I can wear all the time. I am one of those people with a weird arche which usually means a lot of flats actually end up being uncomfortable. I found these amazing Arche shoes through Zappos and they are one of the first pair of flats I have purchased in a long time that I could wear all day at work and also wear chasing after my toddler. The Arche shoes have a cushioned insole which adds extra comfort.

As I get older, I do not want to sacrifice style for comfort and finding a pair of shoes that allows me to be stylish and comfortable is a rarity. Arche makes shoes for men and women who take style personally. Arche was established in Paris in 1968 by Pierre Robert Helaine with the philosophy, “If you can’t think, walk. If you are thinking too much, walk. If you are thinking bad thoughts, keep walking.” I can relate to this philosophy so much because there are times in my career I have needed to walk to blow off steam. All their products are created with a commitment to French expertise and made exclusively in France.

I paired my Arche shoes with a polka dot skirt and a white button down. I have also styled them with a pair of high waisted jeans and a white tshirt for a more casual look. I love versatile pieces that I can essentially style with anything in my closet without having to think too hard about what I am wearing and what shoes will go with my outfit. 

Be sure to click this link to check out other styles by Arche and if you are in the market for a pair of comfortable stylish flats click this link.


All Photos: Folchi Creative 


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