How To Style Mom Jeans

how to style mom jeans

I am sharing 3 was to style mom jeans in today’s post. I have been wearing high waisted jeans for a while now and I always joke that if my jeans or pants are not sitting right below my boobs, then I don’t want them. I bought my very first pair of mom jeans a few months ago and I have to say I was surprised at how much I love them. I also always get compliments every time I wear them. 

I piked up my pair of mom jeans that I am styling today from Topshop. Another place for great mom jeans is Zara, however, their mom fit jeans do not stretch. Just something to be cognizant of, because they do feel slightly snug throughout the day. 

With a lot of my outfits, I always try to start out with a base and build on the base. For my base, I started out with a cami and my snake print heels

Look 1 

I paired the cami and the jeans with a faux leather moto jacket and a studded bag (old Zara). This is a perfect look for date night or a night out of with friends. 

Look 2 

I went with a plaid blazer and a grey tote. This is a look I would normally wear on Fridays at work since we can wear jeans. 

Look 3 

For the third look I paired it with one of my favorite chunky knit sweater. 




All Photos: Folchi Creative 

Video: Theory Image 

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