3 Tips To Keeping My Shirts Looking Professional

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I work as an auditor, which means that I interact with people of different levels of management on a day to day basis. I always have to make sure that I look presentable because one minute I may be talking to a peer and then next minute talking to an executive. Button up shirts are staple in my wardrobe and Faultless® Premium Ironing Spray keeps my shirts looking crisp. For the amount of shirts I go through in the summer, I just cannot afford to get my shirts dry cleaned all the time. Ironing with Faultless gives me a professional look without the professional price. Faultless Premium Ironing Spray is used by dry cleaners, and by using it, I get the same professional quality. I usually buy the Faultless Premium Ironing Spray at Walmart in the laundry aisle. 

Tip 1 

Use ironing spray on your shirts and even the collars of non iron shirts to get a crisp professional look and avoid the curled/floppy collar. Just spray directly to your shirt before ironing. I love using the ironing spray because it does not flake or get clumpy when sprayed onto my shirts, it also works on any fabric type so I don’t have to worry about ruining my shirts. 

Tip 2 

For the best and crispest results, you need a non stick iron with adjustable settings. I always adjust the settings based on the shirt fabric. Make sure to always check the shirt label so you do not use too much or too little heat on your shirts. A mix of ironing spray and the right amount of heat will have your shirts looking crisp. 

Tip 3 

A sturdy ironing board with a heat reflective ironing board cover is a must have to having crisp shirts. The stiffness of the board will help provide just the right amount of support the shirt fabric needs. 

tips to keeping my shirts looking professional

Do you have any tips to keeping shirts crisp you would like to share? 

tips to keeping my shirts looking professional

tips to keeping my shirts looking professional



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