5 Tips On How I Manage My Natural Hair

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how I manage my natural hair

After having our son, postpartum hair hit me and I had to cut my hair short because there was no salvaging it. While at Dollar General, I picked up the Pantene® Intense Rescue Shots to try out since I was starting over with my hair journey.  I love shopping at Dollar General and find myself stopping in at least once a week because they always have the items I need at lower prices. You can find the Rescue Shots in the beauty aisle at Dollar General. Rescue shots are deep conditioners that are recommended for use as often as 1x per week or as infrequently as 1x per month, which is great for my busy schedule because I don’t have to worry about trying to keep up with it weekly. I have been using Pantene® products for the last year and have loved how much healthier my hair is. 

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how I manage my natural hair

how I manage my natural hair

I love my natural hair, but there are just days that it gets the best of me which is one of the reasons I am sharing how I manage my natural hair in today’s post.  It takes a village—as in the products you need to properly maintain the form and quality of your natural hair.  On top of the Rescue Shots I picked up at Dollar General, I also own some products from the Pantene® Gold line as well. The Pantene® Rescue Shots noticeably repair extreme damage and have managed to turn my dry, brittle hair into soft, shiny, and more resilient hair in just one use. 

how I manage my natural hair

If you have spent more than a lifetime in a salon chair, with all the treatments to tame your natural hair, then you will surely understand the amount of time and energy that is spent to take care of your crowning glory. I was not sure if going natural was the best for me, but I figured I would bite the bullet and make the transition. The best way to transition is to first get a decent haircut to get rid of all the chemicals from the relaxing or straightening process. You can either get the Big Chop, which is basically getting a really short haircut, or you can just cut a few inches off if you do not want anything too drastic. I went with the Big Chop. 

Below, I am sharing 5 tips on how I manage my natural hair and how the Pantene® Intense Rescue Shots have been a lifesaver.

how I manage my natural hair

1.     Learn the basic care techniques since this is very essential. The products that you use will not be as effective if you do not know how to properly clean or wash your hair. Use the right shampoo for your hair type and better yet, use pre-shampoo oil so your hair won’t dry out. Wash your hair thoroughly and do not forget to use conditioner that is designed for your hair type. In addition to the Rescue Shots, I also use a deep conditioner at least once a month—which helps keep my hair moisturized. 

2.     Learn how to detangle like a pro. Detangling my gnarly hair is one of the biggest challenges that I would sometimes face. However, there are certain days when my hair is just perfect and I do not have to worry about the tangles. But on most days, I would use a wide-toothed comb to detangle my hair.  I use the Pantene® Leave On Detangling Milk. I always take my time when detangling my hair because rushing things will only cause breakage or damage. 

3.     I make sure that I use the right products for my hair. It may have taken me a long time to find the products that truly work, but now I am really happy and satisfied with my hair products. One of my secrets is Pantene® Pro V Intense Rescue Shots, which have worked wonders for my hair. I only use it once a week like a regular conditioner. However, I leave the product on my hair for about a minute before rinsing. The Intense Rescue Shots work like a hair mask, but I do not have to spend a lot of time to get the best results. Rescue Shots are Pantene’s first at-home treatment. It is easy to use and creates visibly healthier, shinier, and stronger hair. 

4.     I also protect my hair when I sleep. This is a very important step since your sleeping position can cause damage to hair. I invest in a good satin pillowcase and I also use a hair bonnet to keep my hair in place. If you have long natural hair, then be sure to brush your hair before you tuck it inside the bonnet—just to make sure you get rid of all the tangles. 

5.     I don’t style my hair often but only on special occasions. This saves me time and also prevents further damage to my hair. I also take hair vitamins as supplement and I also make sure to read the labels of the products that I come across before buying. I stick to brands that do not contain harsh ingredients so as not to damage the scalp. 

how I manage natural hair

What are some of your tips if you have transitioned to natural hair?


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