20 Ways To Style Faux Leather Leggings

Faux leather leggings can easily be dressed up for work or dressed down to go out. These are a super-versatile piece of clothing. If you’ve ever wondered how to style them, I’ve got you covered! 

20 ways to style faux leather leggings

I purchased my Spanx Faux leather leggings a year ago when QVC had them as part of their daily deals. I cannot believe it took me so long to finally get on board with wearing them. 

I am sharing 20 different ways to style faux leather leggings. See a prior post here on how I initially styled my leggings. 

How To Style The Best Faux Leather Leggings

Have you ever wondered how to wear faux leather leggings? Don’t be intimidated. They are actually really cute and you can wear them with tons of different ideas. Here are some of my favorites. 

#1 Casual With White Shirt 

White t-shirt, anorak  jacket, and studded boots 

This is a really laid-back outift. It’s super casual, perfect for hanging out with friends. 

#2 Perfect Fall Outfit 

Turtleneck and black ankle boots 

I love how a turtleneck makes these faux leather leggings the ideal fall outfit. This is super comfy and cozy. 

#3 Forever Young

Graphic t-shirt, converse, and oversized denim jacket 

This is one of my favorite ways on this list. It’s full of youthful comfort. The combination of converse and denim dresses the leggings down. 

#4 Ultimate Comfort 

Plaid shirt and flats 

Plaid is another fall fashion staple. Wearing flats with this outfit makes it a business casual look you can wear at the office. 

#5 Faux Leather Leggings With Combat Boots

Sweater and combat boots

I adore pairing leggings with sweaters. It’s so comfortable. I think the combat boots give it the perfect edge. 

#6 At the Office 

White button-down and heels 

With a different shirt and shoes, these faux leather leggings are perfect for the office. Add a suit jacket for a professional look. 

#7 Preppy Office Look

White button-down, cropped sweater, and Chelsea boots

Whenever I pair a sweater with a white button-down shirt, I feel like I’m upping my preppy game. It’s really warm for cool fall or spring days. 

#8 Effortlessly Casual 

Jacket with hoodie and vans

Just like converse and denim, the combination of Vans sneakers with a black jacket and white t-shirt is comfortably casual. This is perfect for those coffee shop meetings and errands. 

#9 Snakeskin

Long white t-shirt, cardigan, and snake print boots

I also really like wearing long cardigans with my faux leather leggings. I like how the snakeskin boots add even more rock and roll edge to the leather. 

#10 Love the Leopard Print

Denim shirt, leopard print Chelsea boots, and cardigan

This look is both safe and edgy at the same time. Leopard print gives you the chance to create a fashion statement that is still pretty safe. 

#11 Rock And Roll Vibes

Camo jacket, turtleneck, and studded boots

Not only is this look super easy to put together, but it totally has rock start vibes. The camo and the studded boots have an “I mean business” look that is still effortless. 

#12 Comfortable At The Office 

Long bow shirt and brogues

I’m a huge fan of blouses with longer bows on them. It’s the perfect extra accessory that is built-in. Brogues are comfortable office shoes you won’t mind wearing all day. 

#13 All Faux Leather 

Golden goose sneakers, white t-shirt, and Moto jacket 

Can you really pair faux leather leggings with a faux leather jacket? Yes, why not? I like this jacket so much. It’s both warm and adds the perfect touch. 

#14 Comfy and Confident 

T-shirt, poncho, and sneakers 

Ponchos are so soft and loose that they are one of my wardrobe staples. They aren’t flattering at all, so if you want a waist, add a belt. 

#15 Dauntless Professional Clothes 

T-shirt and blazer 

It’s amazing how just throwing on a blazer changes the entire look. If you added a scarf or necklace to the blazer you elevate this look even higher. 

#16 Mixed Prints 

Mixed media shirt, cardigan and leopard heels 

If you have the courage to try it, mix up your prints. Adding leopard print heels to a printed blouse is a great place to start. 

#17 Warm and Ready To Kick Butt 

Fleece pullover and combat boots

This outfit takes no thought but still makes you look put-together. And the combat boots are extra impressive. Plus, they are fantastic in the snow. 

#18 Denin and Faux Fur 

White t-shirt, denim shirt, faux fur jacket, and ankle boots

Faux it up! Throw on a faux fur jacket with your leggings. Mixing up the textures of your clothes and accessories makes your outfit more interesting and vibrant. 

#19 A Snug and Comfy Look 

Chunky sweater and ankle boots

This outfit can easily go from the office to the library with your kids. It’s comfortable and easy to dress up if you need to – just add the right accessories. 

#20 A Stand-Out Look 

Aviator jacket, sweater, and snake print ankle boots 

This is a perfect way to stay warm without giving up on your style. Adding an aviator jacket to your sweater will keep you nice and toasty! 

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