First Time Parent’s Peace Of Mind With Smart Beat

This post was written in collaboration with Smart Beat however, all opinions are my own.

Those 9 months of carrying the baby and during labor are not the hardest parts of my Motherhood journey. It was when we brought the baby home that I suddenly realized that I was up for the biggest challenge of my life. I wasn’t too confident with my skills on how to handle the baby on my own and I also had a lot of reservations on basically how to deal with everything. Luckily, I was able to go through all the struggles of course with the help of my husband.

smart beat baby monitor

One gadget that I relied on was the baby monitor from Smart Beat. Trust me, this is not your ordinary baby monitor; it’s a life saver! The Smart Beat was created by Nate Ruben out of necessity when his first baby was born premature. Smart Beat is designed to monitor the breathing pattern of the baby and will alert the parent by sending an alarm on the phone. What I really like about Smart Beat is that I know my baby is safe all the time so I can actually finish some chores and best of all have a restful sleep. The gadget will also notify if the breathing rate is too high or too low.

I can’t stress enough the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, not just for my baby but also for me and my husband. As parents, we often worry about our baby especially during sleeping time but the real-time notifications from Smart Beat has put all my worries to rest. Using the Smart Beat is not exactly rocket science which makes it really convenient. Plus, we get to experience the following added benefits:

  • So easy and convenient to use
  • No need for clips, mats or wearables
  • Free from microwaves or radar
  • Data is safe and secured at all times

Another noteworthy feature of the baby monitor is the 355 degree panoramic view of the camera. I get to see what my baby is up to and the surroundings giving me that added sense of peace. The Smart Beat monitor is actually not just for babies but because of the unique features and functionality; it can also be used as the child grows up. It is especially great if you have toddlers who may be active even at night. Here are also some of the amazing features of the Smart Beat monitor:

  • Base station which is designed to keep on monitoring even if you experience Internet connection problems
  • Notifies you when your child wakes up and as well as when they fall asleep
  • In-app breath tracking report which is vital in knowing the overall health of the child
  • Two-way audio so you can talk to your little one and also listen in

I also like the fact that setting up the monitor was not too hard or challenging. I did not even need the help of the hubby since the instructions were pretty basic. So far, I am just so happy with the Smart Beat monitor and I would totally recommend it to all parents. It can be a wonderful gift for the coming holidays and it is indeed a great value for your money. And with baby #2 on the way, I am now more confident than ever that the whole family will have good quality sleep.


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