Back to School Savings Tips with Dollar General

If you have school aged children, you know that going back to school can be expensive especially if you have more than one child to buy for! So, before heading to the store, check out our Back to School Savings Tips with Dollar General!

Back to School Savings Tips

Back to School Savings Tips With Dollar General

While the children look forward to going back to school, I often dread the idea of spending so much money on those back-to-school supplies. With long supply lists that seem to grow each year, I know that I can easily end up spending hundreds of dollars on composition books, backpacks, pencil cases, and more between each of my kids. However, Dollar General has helped me save a lot of money while getting high-quality supplies that are going to last throughout the school year. Below are some of the items I bought for Asher 



Notebook to practice writing his name 

Glue stick


Back to School Savings Tips

Shopping at Dollar General 

I decided to head over to Dollar General after finding out about their mega savings deal. The store is offering a $5 off $15 digital coupon for school supplies, along with the usual Saturday coupon that provides an additional $5 off a purchase of $25 or more. In addition to having the chance to save a decent amount of money, I had no problem finding all the essentials. 

Back to School Savings Tips for Safety Essentials

The first thing I did was look for safety products for my children to use at school to protect them from viruses, including a face mask, hand sanitizer, and hand wipes. I wanted to stock up on these essentials because they can kill germs and keep the classroom sanitized for all students and staff members.

Back to School Savings Tips
Back to School Savings Tips

School Essentials 

After grabbing protective products, I started looking for school essentials. I easily found composition books in a variety of different colors, decorative pencilsfolderscrayonsmarkersglue stickspencil cases, and lunchboxes. Dollar General had an impressive variety of lunchboxes in different colors, which was perfect because I had no problem finding one for our son. 

Back to School Savings Tips for Lunch Essentials 

I decided to take a look at the food selection in Dollar General to see what they had to offer. I ended up finding reasonably priced Lunchables, pre-sliced lunchmeat, bread, fruit snacks, cookies, and fruit cups, all of which were available at lower prices than my local grocery store. There were also some Clover Valley cookies that are absolutely delicious and taste so much like traditional Girl Scout cookies. 

These cookies will be the perfect addition to my children’s lunchboxes as a sweet treat with their sandwiches while in school. So far, the Clover Valley Fudge Mint and Peanut Butter Fudge cookies are a top choice in my household.

Everything I Need for Back to School 

There is a lot to love about Dollar General. Admittedly, I had not shopped there too much in the past, but I have recently fallen in love with the store and everything it has to offer, including its amazing digital coupons. I highly suggest downloading the DG app and clipping all their available coupons. 

It is a great way to save money on essentials while shopping at the store. It is best to take advantage of all the coupons on a Saturday when you can get your $5 off $25 or more. The store also provides a 20% discount to teachers! It is so simple. Teachers can show their ID at checkout to receive the discount on top of all the other discounts. Teachers be sure to visit DG’s Teacher’s Central for tips and other great ideas (linked here)

Dollar General App 

One thing I like to do is use DGGO because I can add items to my cart, find out how much everything is, and see how much I can save with all the different coupons I have clipped. It is a simple and stress-free way to stick to the budget.

  • I know that some parents are still feeling stressed about going into stores due to Covid-19. 
  • While I was shopping in Dollar General, I did notice they are taking many precautionary measures to protect their customers and employees. 
  • They are creating a safe shopping experience for people like myself because they have installed sneeze guards, encourage social distancing at checkout, and throughout the store. 
  • Some stores are providing pickup for those who would rather shop online and pick their items up.

If you want to save money while getting everything your children need, shop at Dollar General. I guarantee you are not going to be disappointed with the broad selection of items available, the coupons provided to customers, and the major savings you will get to enjoy.

Check out my post on Unique Ways to Save with Back to School if you need more ideas!

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