Unique Ways to Save with Back to School

It’s hard to believe that back to school is finally here! It’s been a wild ride these last few months, but in just a few short weeks, most parents will either be sending their kids off to school or will be homeschooling. I wanted to share some ways to save money as your prepare for back to school especially since most of us are finding ourselves having to spend more money on not only groceries but also household items since we are spending more time at home.  

Double Up Your Savings

I started using an app known as Ibotta back when I was in college because I loved getting rewarded for shopping.  As you know, going back to school this year looks different for every person out there, but Ibotta is a really cool way to save! 

You can easily double up your savings by using Ibotta and shopping at your favorite stores. For example, when I went back to school shopping, I went to Dollar General. I was able to use the Ibotta app and save even more money.

You can easily download the Ibotta app and start saving today. A good example of a few deals I’ve gotten this week include:

All offers were valid as of the publishing date. Check your app for details, as offers change frequently and may not be available in all areas.

Let’s just say that cash back on groceries is something that you cannot go wrong with. When you’re trying to double up on savings, go for it! 

Check Your House

Do you know how many items I buy over the years, yet they are lost somewhere in my house? Before the kids go back to school, spend some time going through your house. Check-in all nooks and crannies where you could have put any supplies you bought previously. 

Second-Hand Shopping

Another unique way to save with back to school shopping it so checkout any local second-hand stores in your area. You might even be able to snag a few outfits from a yard sale or two. Not everything you buy for back to school has to be brand new clothing. Keep this in mind as you look for ways to start saving with back to school. 

Every Deal Matters

Just because you save 50 cents here or 25 cents there, don’t get down on yourself. Every cent matters when you are looking for unique ways to save with back to school. Keep in mind that we’re all in this together. If I can help you save a little money here and there, then I’m going to because it all adds up!

How do you like to save money when it comes to back to school shopping? I’d love to hear all about your tips! 


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