10 Signs My child is Ready for Potty Training

It’s the joy of every parent to see their child get over diapers and learn how to go to the bathroom by themselves. This shows that the child is developing and learning. You should understand that children are different and they tend to learn how to potty train differently. This means that you do not have to put too much pressure on your child to learn how to pee or poop. When they are ready to train, they will give you signs and hints. In this article, we look at some of the signs that might give you a hint that your child is ready for potty training. The signs my child is ready for potty training will be pretty much the same as someone else’s child. 


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10 Signs My child is ready for Potty Training

Here are 10 signs my child is ready for potty training and the same signs you will see when your child is ready to start using the potty. 

1.  Their peeing and pooping schedule becomes predictable

You will start to notice that unlike before when your child peed or pooped without any specific pattern, this time they have started becoming more predictable. You might notice that they pee or poo after a specific time frame and probably even stay dry for longer. This is one indication that they are trying to learn how to control how they poo or pee.

2. They become good at following instructions

If your child can be able to understand basic instructions and do as told, then it would be a good time to start potty training them. Give them clear instructions on how to go about it and be patient with them. Sooner or later they will get the hang of it.

3. They hide to poo or pee

The reason why your child might be hiding to poo or pee is because they might not be feeling comfortable with the pee or poo in their diapers. They have started to develop sensory and you can use this moment to show them a better way of doing it through potty training.

4. They tell you when they are about to go

This would be a real blessing as it would make you understand that the child is ready to potty train. Not many children tell their parents as they are just about to poo.

5. Staying dry for longer

Does your child wake up dry after a few hour’s nap? Do they usually stay for long during the day before soiling themselves? This could be a sign that they do not get comfortable with pee or poo in their diapers and they are ready for next level.

6. Pulling at their wet or dirty diaper

Whenever you see your child pulling at their wet or dirty diapers, its clear sign that shows the discomfiture they are having. You should think of introducing them to potty training.

7. They start to become interested in the toilet or potty

A mere interest, even if it does not amount to anything, might give you a hint that they are ready for potty training. Turn this interest to your advantage.

8. The facial expressions when they poop

Observe their faces when they poop or pee in their diapers and try to read into their reactions. Does their face betray discomfort or embarrassment of any kind? They might not be able to communicate verbally but this might give you a hint.

9. They understand the toilet lingo

When they start understanding words such as ‘poo’ or ‘pee’, they are probably ready for potty training. By using these words when training them, you might get them to learn faster.

10. They are curious and want to imitate

Do you find your child following you around when you are going to the bathroom? This curiosity may be the turning point you need to start potty training them.

Do you see the signs your child is ready for potty training? 



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