Christmas Tree Truck Papercraft


List of Supplies:

  1. Colored craft papers
  2. Craft glue
  3. Pencil
  4. Scissors


Step -1:

Select colored craft papers for the craft. We’re using red paper for the truck, black, grey and white papers for the wheel and blue paper for the car glass. And of course, green paper for the Christmas tree. Trace the provided template patterns on the selected craft papers and cut them out nicely.  

Step -2:

Grab all the wheel circle cutouts and stick the small ones on the medium circles and then the medium circles on the big ones to complete each wheel craft.

Step – 3:

Stick the blue car glass cutout near the top side of the car door cutout.

Step – 4:

Stick the car door pattern on the main car layout by matching the outer edges of the 2 patterns.

Step – 5:

Flip the car to the other side. Grab the rectangle paper cutouts and apply glue along the sides (short ends) and the bottom side of the rectangle.

Step – 6:

Place the glued side on the rectangle part of the car pattern by keeping the intact part towards the top end. We will insert the tree through the top open end of this part.

Step – 7:

Flip the car to the front again.

Step – 8: Final image

Trace and cut out the tree pattern from green colored paper. Insert the tree through the car’s back side’s open end.



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