Family Christmas Traditions You Can Start for Lasting Memories

Christmas family traditions

Family Christmas traditions are something that makes the holidays special for the entire family. You may already have some family traditions that you do every year, but if you don’t, now is the best time to start making memories with one of these holiday traditions that can be done every year through the years.  These are the family Christmas traditions you can start for lasting memories. 

Hang a Special Christmas Ornament 

For each day in December, get the family gathered around the Christmas tree to place one ornament each night until the last one is put up on Christmas morning. You can choose a theme for the ornaments each year or let everyone pick out their favorite ornament to place on the tree. 

Have a Not So Traditional Holiday Meal or Breakfast 

Instead of having the same traditional foods each year, change up the menu, and create your very own meal for the holidays or make something crazy for breakfast. Let the kids help with choosing what should be on the menu to make it even more interesting! This is one of my favorite family Christmas traditions to uphold. 

Create a Game to Play While Opening Presents 

This can be as silly as you want it to be and you can even make up your own rules. Just think of a fun game-like holiday trivia or name that Christmas song. The first one to get the right trivia answer or guesses the correct name of the song opens a present of their choice.  

Have a Christmas Camp Out 

While everyone is anxiously waiting for Santa, have a slumber party session where everyone can stay up a little later than normal and camp out in a room together. You could have it so that everyone stays in the parent’s room or sleep by the Christmas tree. Make a tent and get your sleeping bags out to make it more exciting.  

Make Reindeer Food  

Make reindeer food and sprinkle it outside (it’s especially beautiful if you have snow) for the reindeers to eat when Santa visits. To make the reindeer food just mix together some glitter and uncooked oatmeal or you can mix uncooked oatmeal, sugar, and some colored cake decorating sugar crystals.  


Get the family together at least one day during the holiday season to volunteer in the community. You can take part in helping the homeless, adopting a family for Christmas, or even volunteering at your local food pantry.  

Take a Christmas Morning Family Photo 

Get the family together Christmas morning and take a Christmas morning family photo in front of the tree. You can take a second photo with everyone making goofy faces and having a good time. Having the family wear matching pajamas can make the photo even more magical. 

Start an Advent Calendar 

If you aren’t already doing an Advent calendar for the holidays, now is the time to start. Kids will have fun opening a small gift each day in December. 

Make Crafts 

Take a special day and get together to create some fun holiday crafts for the season. These crafts can be for gifts, Christmas decorations, tree ornaments, and more. Kids will love getting creative and the homemade items can double as gifts for friends and family. 

Creating a holiday tradition each year can be such a fun and memorable experience for the entire family. Traditions are meant to be passed down each year so the family can carry it on and experience the joy they get from the tradition. What are your family Christmas traditions you love doing?



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