How to Weave Splashes of Seasonal Décor into Your Home

Every time a season comes around, your home décor can benefit from adding in bits and pieces to celebrate the season without making your home look like it exploded into a holiday setting.  The key centers on how to weave – emphasis on weave – in splashes of seasonal décor. These ideas are simple, easy, and inexpensive ways to spruce up your décor for the season or a specific holiday.  Pick and choose what works for you.  Keep reading to discover how to weave splashes of seasonal decor into your home. 


Your front door offers maximum visibility for seasonal décor and lends itself to easy switches.  Consider doing a wreath of spring flowers in the spring, something red, white, and blue for the summer, a wreath of fall-colored leaves for fall and a bundle of pine boughs for winter.  Each element will carry your door for several months. 


I have a friend who changes a single pillow on a bench in her house.  The pillow always nods to the season or to a specific holiday.  This could entail a pillow featuring a mummy for Halloween, a dog on skies for Christmas or a bright-red heart for Valentine’s Day. 


An easy fix I love for introducing a seasonal look centers on switching out the contents of a vase.  Think about displaying a vase on your fireplace mantel that holds sprigs of greenery in the winter or American flags in the summer.  Or an oversized vase on a table could feature faux sunflowers in late-summer into fall and then do double duty with ferns and white hydrangeas in the spring.   

Glass Bowls  

Another go-to piece for seasonal décor can be a large glass bowl (think, fishbowl) or tall round glass hurricane.  These pieces provide a perfect spot for showcasing seashells in the summer, gourds in the fall, pinecones in the winter and eggs in the spring. 


Maybe you have an area on a table where a picture frame can celebrate the season.  Its contents can change to reflect the calendar.  For instance, the frame could feature the word “gather” around Thanksgiving or a picture of a bird in the spring. 


If you have a spot on your kitchen counter, a seasonal plate propped on a plate stand might just be the answer to a pop of the season.  A plate featuring a snowman would be perfect in the winter, replaced by a plate touting a nest with eggs in the spring. 


Nothing is more fun than a seasonal towel or two in your kitchen.  These towels can be hung over the handle of an oven or dishwasher “just for display”.  Towels like these are easy to snatch up when you watch the end-of-season sales. 


The scent more so than the look, of a seasonal candle can speak volumes in setting a festive tone in your home.  The crisp smell of lemons ushers in spring while the scents of cinnamon foster a cozy winter feeling.  The choices for aromas are endless.  

Single Elements 

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of a single item to convey a season.  Consider a mini pumpkin placed on a stack of books or a large seashell adorning a table.  Even these small items pack a great seasonal punch. 

The next time the calendar changes to a new season, use some of these go-to fixes for popping splashes of seasonal décor into your home. How do you plan to weave splashes of decor in your home this season?







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