Top 10 toys for a 3 year old

Play is one of the best ways that can help children learn about themselves. Through play, children get to develop their small and large motor skills and as well as learn how to interact with other children. The activity can also be fun downtime and can even help relieve stress and will also give parents that much needed a break so they can attend to other chores in the house. There are so many toy varieties available and choosing the best ones must be given a lot of thought to ensure that your kids will get the most benefits.  Check out these top 10 toys for a 3 year old. 

Top 10 Toys For a 3 Year Old 

Toddlers are in that stage where they are inquisitive, active, and just really curious about anything and everything. If you think that you may have already surpassed the terrible-two phase, then get ready for the next stage. The 3rd year of a child’s life plays a very important role in their developmental stage wherein they are already eager to absorb knowledge and as well as appreciate fun activities. Here is a quick buying guide so you can have an idea which types of toys are best for 3-year-olds: 

#1. Abacus  

This may seem like an odd choice considering that the abacus was not created for entertainment. But, the abacus can be a great educational toy wherein you can teach them how to count and also identify patterns or colors. Choose an abacus that has colorful beads and should be made of wood so it will last for a good amount of time.  

#2. Book Box 

Toys are not just all about enjoyment but they can also be used for learning. There are many popular brands such as Thomas the Tank Engine which launched their own book box set. Go for a book box that has a multifunction case and make sure that you pick the right set so the child will have a grand reading time.  

#3. Building Blocks  

 Building blocks are inexpensive toys that serve a lot of benefits to the child such as helping them unleash their creative side. There are so many things that they can do with the building blocks and there are even blocks with numbers or letters printed which can also be a good way to teach kids.  

#4. Dinosaurs 

There’s something about dinosaurs that can make any kid squeal in delight. There are many types of dinosaur sets available that can give your kids hours of fun. Dinosaurs can be great for pretend play which can enhance your child’s imagination.  

#5. Excavator 

Excavator toys are fun to play with wherein kids can pretend to work in construction. There are many popular toy brands that sell excavators with variations such as an additional truck and other accessories. One of the best features of this kind of toy is that kids can use it when they are playing outdoors for scooping and also play together with their friends.  

#6. Fire Station Set 

Firefighters are modern heroes and kids will surely have loads of fun playing with their own fire station set. Get them a wooden set that comes with many characters and accessories so your kids can have the ultimate fire station experience at home.  

#7. Magnetic Tiles  

Magnetic tiles can provide kids a wonderful and engaging learning experience. These toys will not just unleash their creative side but will also encourage fundamental learning which is very important in your child’s development.  

#8. Play-Doh  

Play-Doh offers many sets or kits that even adults love. Letting your kids play with Play-Doh can help in the improvement of their motor skills and also encourages them to become creative. In fact, these play doughs are always present in classrooms because of the many benefits that kids can enjoy.  

#9. Shape Matching Set 

Playing with shape sets is not just about having fun but it is also a great learning experience for toddlers. Shape sorters have been around for many years and recent variations are already equipped with modern functionalities and accessories. Shape matching sets will teach children how to identify shapes and colors and also help develop their problem-solving skills.  

#10. Train Sets  

Train sets will never go out of style and modern versions of this popular toy now come with many accessories but still provide old-school fun. Choose a train set with easy to follow instructions and with many characters or accessories.  

Kids are kids only once in their lives and it is very important for parents to encourage their children to play with real toys instead of just giving them a tab or smartphone. However, parents should also choose the right toys that will help in the developmental stage of their children and also provide them hours of entertainment.  

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