Top Thanksgiving Baby and Pregnancy Announcements

Are you expecting a little one or ready to give birth? When you want to make an announcement to your loved ones during the Thanksgiving season, there are some fun and creative ways to do it. Check out this simple list of fun Thanksgiving baby and pregnancy announcements that will surely put a smile on the faces of your loved ones. 

Another Reason to be Thankful Sign 

 When you plan on announcing your pregnancy during Thanksgiving, create a sign that says, “Another Reason to Be Thankful…” Underneath the text, you may want to put “Baby Coming Soon” with your expected due date. You can make the sign using a poster board and some paint. Use Thanksgiving-themed colors, such as brown, orange, yellow, gold, and even black. You might even want to paint some harvest images on your poster board, such as a cornucopia, turkey, and pumpkin. Add as many photos as you wish to your sign. 

Stuffed, But Not With Turkey T-Shirt 

 Announce your pregnancy in a fun and unique way by wearing a t-shirt that says, “Stuffed, But Not With Turkey!” It will undoubtedly make your family members laugh while they ask you exactly what your t-shirt means. The joke is that instead of being stuffed with turkey from your Thanksgiving dinner, your stomach is full because you are pregnant. You can even get a cute little turkey printed on the t-shirt that you plan to wear. This is one of my favorite Thanksgiving baby and pregnancy announcements. 

Turkey Isn’t the Only Thing Cooking Sign 

 When making a pregnancy announcement sign, you can write, “Turkey Isn’t the Only Thing Cooking,” and paint the sign with a baked turkey and a bun in the oven. It is a silly sign to consider making, but it is one that your loved ones will laugh at and enjoy seeing. After all, the turkey might be cooking in the physical oven, but you have a baby cooking inside you, too! 

Our Little Pumpkin Has Arrived Sign 

 If you have just given birth and want to stick to the Thanksgiving theme, make a sign that says, “Our Little Pumpkin Has Arrived.” You can make the sign on a real pumpkin, painting it white and then adding the words in gold or silver writing.

Do not forget to include some of the most important details about your little one, such as the name you have selected, the date of your baby’s birth, and the baby’s weight when born. After making your pumpkin sign, put it outside your home for everyone to see it, just like a birth announcement, or take photos of it and upload it to social media to let your friends and family know that you have given birth. 

When you want to announce a pregnancy or the arrival of your newborn during the Thanksgiving season, these are some great ways to do it. All it takes is a little creativity. Have some fun with your announcements and use one or more of these cute Thanksgiving themes to let your loved ones know that you are expecting or have just given birth to a baby boy or baby girl. Which of these ideas are your favorite Thanksgiving baby and pregnancy announcements?

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