10 Date Night Ideas for New Parents

As a new parent, it can start to feel like your days of dating are over. While finding a babysitter can sometimes be tricky, that doesn’t mean that the date nights have to end! Here are ten date night ideas that are perfect for new parents. There are even some ideas you can use when you can’t find a sitter! 

#1. Have an indoor picnic 

Can’t make it to a park or somewhere a little more romantic? Why not have an indoor picnic right in your living room! Break out the wine glasses and make a nice dinner. Then enjoy it on a blanket on the floor. 

#2. Go for a walk 

If you only have a small window for a date, just go for a walk somewhere. Walks can give you some fresh air, and it will provide you with a chance to talk about something other than the kids. 

#3. Get lost in a good book, together 

As a new parent, you don’t have a whole lot of time to do some leisurely reading. To help make time, make it a date night instead. Take turns reading pages out of a book, or listen to an audiobook instead. 

#4. Enjoy a couple’s massage 

A couple’s massage is the perfect way to spend some time alone together! Head to a day spa and enjoy a lovely couple’s massage to relax and unwind. 

#5. Cook a romantic dinner 

Romantic dinners don’t always have to involve leaving the house! You can make great pasta and a lava cake right at home! Enjoy the meal by candlelight, and you have a romantic dinner at your own home. 

#6. Go grocery shopping, just the two of you 

This one might sound crazy, but running errands together can be a fun date! Head to your favorite store and take your time. Try free samples and walk down all the aisles. 

#7. Have an at-home game night or videogame night 

Break out all your favorite board games and enjoy a night of fun! You can play everything from Scrabble to Charades if you get creative! You can even make up your own board game. 

#8. Attend a nearby concert 

Look for a concert in your city and swap babysitting with another mom! Then, return the favor when she could use a night out. This is really one of those fun date night ideas for new parents! 

#9. Watch a movie at home 

You don’t need to leave the house to enjoy a nice movie! Rent a movie from Redbox or watch a Netflix movie and watch a movie you’ve been meaning to see but haven’t found the time. 

#10. Sit outside and watch the stars 

If you are out of ideas for a date night, why not sit outside and watch the stars. Stargaze for a bit and just talk about anything and everything at the same time. 

Having a baby doesn’t mean the end of date nights! Many of these dates are just as fun when you have kids! If you are looking for a great date night as a new parent, give one of these a try.  What are some date night ideas for new parents that you would add to this list?




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