Everything You Need for Breastfeeding and Pumping


Have you ever wondered what a new mom might need in the breastfeeding a pumping department? Breastfeeding and pumping is an important part of having a new baby! Mom might choose to breastfeed at first and then pump later.

She also might be heading back to work, which would require her to pump. Having the right essentials can help breastfeeding be a better experience for the new mama.

Everything You Need for Breastfeeding and Pumping

Here are some breastfeeding and pumping essentials for a new mom…

A Comfy Chair

Whether mom is setting up a pumping area at home or at the office, a comfortable chair is important. You can also add this to the essentials for breastfeeding moms as well. When it comes to feeding a baby with breastmilk, it’s a huge time commitment.

A comfy chair is essential that I wish I would have paid more attention to back when I first had my babies! Your comfort level needs to be top notch when you have a baby or a pump attached to your boob.

Nursing Pads

Have you ever tried to walk around with leaking boobs? You need good quality nursing pads in your life. Some new moms choose to use disposable nursing pads and others use reusable/washable nursing pads.

If you’ve never experienced leaking boobs before, it’s quite amazing. The craziest thing can make your boobs let down and release breastmilk. Having nursing pads on hand isn’t a bad idea.

Nursing Pillow

Whether you’re bottle feeding your baby breast milk or nursing the baby, a good nursing pillow is just what you need.

A good nursing pillow can help ensure a new mom is in the correct nursing position as she nurses.

Nursing pillows can also be a great thing to have on hand when you’re trying to get some rest! As a new mom, you’re going to need the support of a pillow for nursing, sleeping, and resting after giving birth.

Backup Membranes

Listen, as a pumping mom, you just never know what could go wrong. I like to keep backup pumping membranes on hand. Because when you need to pump, you gotta pump! Having these membranes on hand aren’t expensive, but they’ll be a lifesaver when you need them.

Other Breastfeeding and Pumping Essentials for a New Mom

As a new mom, you are focused on your baby, as you should be. There are some things you can keep on hand to make life a little easier post baby.

Favorite drinks and snacks

As a nursing and pumping mom, you’re most likely going to be very hungry. Keep your favorite drinks and snacks on hand.

Essentials basket

When my kids were babies, I liked to have an essentials basket close to the nursing station. This is where I kept extra diapers, baby wipes, pacis, nursing pads, and an extra set of clothes. This essential basket saved me from having to go back and forth in the middle of the night to grab supplies.

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What other essentials would you recommend for a new mom that is pumping and or breastfeeding? I’d love to hear your recommendations!








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