Five Simple Ways to Refresh Your Home Décor


Just like your wardrobe, your home décor needs attention to keep it looking current and fresh, and on-trend.  Updating a little here and there over time will go a long way in keeping your space looking stylish. I want to offer you five simple ways to refresh your home décor.  Switching out (or adding) these elements will provide an easy, quick, and relatively inexpensive boost to the overall look of your home.   


New throw pillows can instantly spruce up a sofa, chair, or bed.  Look for pillows in current colors and fresh prints to work with your décor and furniture pieces.  For your sofa, I recommend using 3 to 5 pillows in various sizes and shapes.  The pillows can be a combination of patterns, solids, and textures, all unified within the same color palette.  No two pillows need to be alike.  

In the bedroom, layer pillows on the bed to create a luxe feel.  Place 2 to 3 oversized euro pillows against the headboard.  From there, add another 3 to 5 pillows, again of varying sizes and shapes, to complete the “wow” factor. This is one of my favorite ways to refresh my home decor. Is it one of your favorite ways to refresh your home decor?


Shine a light on your space with a new lamp or two. When selecting a lamp, I first consider the base and its corresponding silhouette (tall or short, curvy or boxy, thin or robust).  Equally important, I access the material of the base (metal, wood, glass or ceramic) as well as the shape, style, and color of the shade.   

Another option exists if you have a lamp with a great-looking base but the shade looks tired. Simply replace shade.  Shop for something crisp-looking like a round drum shade or something unique like a square or rectangular-shaped shade. 


While pictures may be worth a thousand words, the actual frames speak volumes about your décor as well.  I have found that updating frames can be a super simple way to refresh your tables, bookshelves, and other flat surfaces where pictures gather.  First, edit the size and number of pictures on display.  Think “less is more” so the eye can focus on a limited number of pictures.  Also, I like to vary the direction of the pictures, some horizontal, some vertical.   

 Then, place the photos in new or upcycled picture frames.  Black frames with white mats give ordinary snapshots an instant feeling of crispness.  Also, spray painting existing wooden frames black can be a great option. 


Plants, the real deal and the faux ones, definitely add a “feeling of life” to your surroundings. If you go for a real plant, consider a sansevieria (aka snake plant), split-leaf philodendron, fiddle leaf fig plant, or some other amazing-looking tropical plant.  Any of these plants would bring an updated vibe to your space.

As an alternative, great-looking faux options exist, especially succulents.   You can plunk a single succulent in a pot with some gravel or buy a variety of succulents to create a larger arrangement. Still, another popular look involves placing a single faux stem, such as a banana or palm leaf, into a large vase. 


Last but not least, replacing towels in the kitchen and bathroom can easily perk up your space. In the kitchen, invest in some new towels for every day and in a couple of towels for “display” only.  The latter could be a seasonal towel or one with a fun saying to hang on the handle of the oven or dishwasher and to give a bit of personality to the kitchen. Likewise, new thick and fluffy towels will always create a great spa-like feel in the bathroom.  

As you work to refresh your space, try to go a bit out of your comfort zone.  I challenge you to choose an item you like but that is different than the pillow or lamp you’re replacing. Just like when you buy a new sweater or a pair of shoes your wardrobe gets a boost so does your home when you bring in fresh elements. What are some ways to refresh your home decor that you have used?













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