How to Keep Kids Busy During Road Trips

Are you planning a road trip with your children and want to make sure they stay entertained throughout the journey? When you keep the children busy and entertained, you can prevent them from fighting with one another and complaining about sitting for such extended periods. Make a list of some essential must-haves to purchase and put together before heading off on the road trip with your family. Let’s talk about how to keep kids busy during road trips

Purchase Convenient Travel Trays

The first thing you should do is purchase convenient travel trays for each child. These trays will sit over their laps and hold different items, including pencils, books, and snacks. The trays are useful because they give your children space to write, draw, and color when they want to. It is also great to use these trays when supplying your children with snacks and meals throughout the journey. They will have an excellent spot to put their food and drink to keep it secure while you are driving.

Bring Crayons and Coloring Books

Be sure to pack lots of crayons and coloring books to keep your children occupied. Coloring is a great activity for the children because it can keep them calm and make them feel more relaxed while on the road. Avoid running into any fighting between the children by ensuring each child gets to pick out their coloring book and has a pack of fresh crayons to use for the road trip.

Download Kid-Friendly Apps That Work on Your Children’s Tablets

If your children have tablets, take the time to download kid-friendly apps that they can use while in the car. Not only are there hundreds of games that are great for children, but many of the apps that are available for download do not require the use of the internet. If your children do not have internet access on their tablets during the road trip, you can still keep them occupied with fun games, such as Subway Surfers, Gardenscapes, Temple Run, Endless ABC, and Doodle Jump. Many of these games are both fun and educational, making them such a good choice for children of all ages.

Bring Portable DVD Players With Headphones

Consider bringing a portable DVD player for each child to use with a pair of headphones. If your children cannot agree on a movie to watch, they can each choose a film that they would like to put on and watch it on their convenient travel tray. You can expect to enjoy some quiet time when you have your children watching a good movie in the backseat. Make sure to have some tasty snacks for the kids to eat while watching, such as popcorn and fresh fruit slices.

Keeping kids busy during road trips might seem like a challenge, but it is quite simple if you have the right items available for them to use. Consider buying travel trays that provide your children with space for coloring books, portable DVD players, and even food. You can even download plenty of kid-friendly apps for them to use on their tablets throughout the journey. When the kids have things to do, the road trip is far more enjoyable for everyone. What tips can you sure with how to keep kids busy during a road trip?


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