Socially Distanced Superbowl Party Ideas


Would you like to have an enjoyable Superbowl party without getting sick? Because of the pandemic, social distancing is essential, but there is a way to have fun while still keeping your distance. Let’s talk about these socially distanced Superbowl party ideas! 

If you follow the ideas below, you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe while having a great time watching football together. 

Plan a Small Outdoor Gathering

If small gatherings are allowed in your area, you can plan a small gathering that will take place outdoors. It is better to schedule the Superbowl party outside in an area where your guests will have plenty of space to themselves.

It prevents people from getting too close to one another and encourages social distancing between guests who may not live in the same household.

If you have a spacious backyard, you may want to have a few friends over for a Superbowl gathering at home. Suppose you would like to get more people together while still following social distancing guidelines. In that case, you can always rent an outdoor venue or visit a local park currently open to the public. This is one of my favorite socially distanced Superbowl party ideas.

Skip the Buffet-Style Serving Option

When offering food at a Superbowl party, it is normal for the host to provide a buffet of foods that people can grab and add to their plates when they are hungry. However, you may want to reconsider doing a buffet option to prevent too many people from touching the same utensils, including serving spoons.

You can still offer the same foods that people love to eat during the Superbowl, including buffalo wings, potato skins, and other tasty finger foods, but consider putting out a plate of these different options on each table that your guests will sit at.

Instead of grabbing from a large buffet area, they can grab food from a large plate at their table to share with the people who live in the same household as they do.

Offer Convenient Items to Each Guest

Have a basket full of convenient items for each guest to use. You can hand these items out to your guests as they arrive at the party. The essential things to have available include portable bottles of hand sanitizer and disposable masks. If your guests forget their masks, they can wear one of the disposable ones you offer to them.

They can keep their masks on throughout the night, but they can remove the masks when they want to eat or drink something at the event. Offering small bottles of hand sanitizer to each person is the perfect way to keep the germs at a minimum. Your guests can continue to sanitize their hands throughout the night to avoid spreading germs that could potentially get them sick.

You can still have a Superbowl party during the pandemic, but you need to take as many precautionary measures as possible. You should host the event outside and only invite a small number of people instead of having hundreds of people gathering in one spot together.

You can offer servings of food for each table instead of having your guests grab food where multiple people would touch the same serving utensils. You can even offer different items that will get put to good use, such as hand sanitizer and disposable masks, both of which are must-haves during the pandemic. How do you plan your own socially distanced Superbowl party?


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