How to Transition to Natural Deodorant

If you have recently decided that you would like to use natural deodorant instead of using a deodorant that contains aluminum, it is good to know that there is a transition phase that you will experience. When making the switch, many people notice that their armpits tend to feel wet with sweat and may have a slightly foul odor. While this might sound problematic, there are some ways to make this transition much easier while continuing to smell as clean and fresh as possible.

Avoid Using Soaps With Heavy Fragrances While Bathing

The process of transitioning to natural deodorant begins with good hygiene in the shower. Whether you are taking a bath or shower, you should use an antibacterial soap without extra fragrance. Sure, the soap that smells like flowers or cherries might leave a lingering scent that you find attractive. But it will work against you when it comes to keeping your armpits smelling fresh. If you must use soaps with extra fragrances, do not put those soaps on your underarms. Try using castile soap on your underarms. You can find it online for less than $5, making it such a great choice!

Bring a Mini Version of the Natural Deodorant With You Wherever You Go

When moving around throughout the day, you may notice that your underarms are starting not to smell as fresh as they usually would. It will not be like this forever, but your body has to adjust to no longer having that aluminum that was blocking off the sweat and bad smell. A simple way to stay fresh is to make sure that you have a bottle of your favorite natural deodorant with you wherever you go. You can head over to the bathroom and apply another layer of deodorant to your underarms to freshen up a bit.

Start Using a Detox Scrub on Your Armpits

Another good step to take when transitioning to natural deodorant is to start using a natural detox scrub on your armpits. You can use the detox scrub at least three times a week to unclog pores and eliminate the toxins that can contribute to foul odor. Different types of products work well as detox scrubs for the armpits. This includes Aztec Secret’s Indian Healing Clay, Pacifica Coconut & Charcoal Detox Scrub, and the Megababe Happy Pits Detoxifying Mask. These products are quite affordable and are easy to find at popular stores, such as Ulta and Target.

You want to transition to natural deodorant because it is far better for your body than using a deodorant that contains aluminum. You will experience a transitioning phase that may cause you to feel like you do not smell good.

If you want to keep your underarms fresh and free of toxins, follow the helpful tips above. You can transition with ease when you use a detox, bring a mini natural deodorant with you while you are on the go, and use the right soap on your underarms to kill bacteria while keeping you clean. Once you get through this phase, you can continue using natural deodorant to keep the odor away without putting toxic ingredients on your skin.


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