7 Ways to Dress Up a Black Frame with DIY Art

A black picture frame is a bit like the proverbial little black dress: it tends to be super versatile, can be used in a variety of ways and always, always looks great.  I offer you 7 ways to dress up a black frame with DIY art for your home.   

#1. Feature an Initial Letter 

This super easy idea involves framing a large initial letter for a splash of instant style.  My quick search on the internet yielded many free options for printable letters.   

Or, you can make your own on the computer.  In Word or a similar application, look for a font that catches your eye.  Simply increase the font size to fill the space in the frame, print on white or colored cardstock, and frame.   

#2. Press Some Botanicals 

Botanicals featuring fern fronds or other greenery are super popular in decorating but these options from high-end retailers can often break the bank.  Fortunately, you can make your own for pennies.    

Check out your backyard or a nearby park where you can find a myriad of options to clip, preserve and frame.  You’ll find everything you need to know about curing the clipped piece and preserving its natural color and shape on the internet.  Then place on a white background and frame.  Your end result will be a stunning current piece of art. 

#3. Make Your Own Saying 

Framed quotes are everywhere in décor these days.  You can easily make your own with a favorite saying or an inspirational word unique to you.    

Fortunately, you don’t need to have beautiful penmanship or a fancy Cricut machine.  Just use Word or a similar application on your computer to create your saying or word.  With so many fonts at your fingertips, you can vary the look of your piece to be elegant, rustic, or anything in between. 

#4. Commission Custom Art 

Recruit your kids to do a little masterpiece specific to the dimensions of the frame.  A great option for school-aged kids is to have them color, draw or paint a self-portrait or sketch of the family.  For toddlers, you can trace their hand and have them “decorate” the hand. Another option involves your furry friends.  If your dog or cat will cooperate, try doing a pawprint to frame. 

#5. Find Free Printable Art 

Looking for something super specific to frame?  Search for “free printable art” online or on Pinterest.   You’ll be inundated with thousands of options ranging from insects and animals to quotes and shapes.  Some images will be in color, others in black and white.  You’ll find a wide range of styles from crisp and modern to vintage and worn-looking.  Download an image, size for your frame, print, and frame.   

#6. Create a Corkboard 

For this option, ditch the glass but keep the frame.  You’ll need a piece of foam board cut to fit within the frame and a piece of fabric.  Wrap the fabric around the foam board and secure it with staples, tape, or glue on the backside.  Then, place the fabric-wrapped foamboard through the back of the frame and secure it in place.  The front side will give you a beautiful place to pin photos or mementos.   

#7. Showcase Beautiful Paper 

This option is easy-peasy.  Take a piece of beautiful scrapbook paper, cut to size and frame.  This framed paper can provide a much-needed splash of color or pop of pattern when nestled in with other décor items. 

 As you can see, there are many easy ways to jazz up a black picture frame.  I hope these ideas inspire you.  So get going and create your own art. What are some ways you dress up a black frame with DIY art?












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