How to Find Home Decor on a Budget

Who doesn’t enjoy scoring a bargain especially when purchasing home décor?  You can feather your nest with high-quality items if you spend time looking in the “right” places.  Here are several tips on how to find home decor on a budget.  

Discount Stores 

Perhaps the most obvious starting point begins with shopping at discount stores carrying home décor.  Think retailers like Homegoods, T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s, and Tuesday Morning.  You can find some great pieces at affordable prices, allowing you to create a luxe look on a shoestring budget.   

You never know what you’ll find when shopping at these stores.  Sometimes it can be hit or miss.  But, when you see something you like, snatch it up!  Items typically come in small quantities.  Also, ask the store manager on which days the store receives shipments and how soon those new items hit the sales floor.  This information can help you know when the shelves will be fully stocked with “new” items, putting you in a good position to find something amazing. 

 Discount Online Resources 

Similarly, several online sources offer a wide array of home décor at discounted prices.  Such online-only retailers include Wayfair, Joss & Main, and Overstock. 

Sales Corners  

Most retailers – from high-end stores like Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn to big box home improvement stores– have a sale corner or section where merchandise has been discounted.  Become familiar where these areas are located and make a beeline to the discounted merchandise each time you stop by that store.   

Be sure to look over items carefully.  Sometimes, a décor element may have some slight damage, such as a nick or dent.  Oftentimes you can turn this imperfection in such a way that no one except you will know it is there. 

One other piece of advice on this topic: be sure to know the fine print as to whether the purchase of the sale item is considered “final sale” and cannot be returned.  This way you can make an informed decision if you’re sitting the fence on whether or not the décor piece will work in your home. Now, this is how you find home decor on a budget. 

 “Open Box” Options 

Some online retailers offer discounted merchandise in perfectly good condition.  Not to be confused with an online sale, these “open box” items consist of items purchased and returned to the retailer.  The items are no longer in their original packaging, thus the term “open box”.  Yet, the items are brand new but significantly discounted compared to the same item that can be ordered on the retailer’s website.  Look for a tab for open box sales or search for “open box sales” once on the website 

Community Forums 

Facebook Marketplace and Craig’s List provide a wide array of items for sale.  These online sites are flooded with a gazillion options for furniture, art, knickknacks and other home furnishings.  And the prices are right!   Most sellers are motivated to sell their items quickly so they price their wares accordingly.   

While you can find everything and anything on these sites, Facebook Marketplace and Craig’s List are especially helpful when you’re looking for a particular décor item that is hard to find, such as something that is vintage or antique. 

It goes without saying that items purchased from these sites are  “final sale” so be sure to ask for measurements, clarification on color, etc. before you commit to buying  Also, use caution when going to pick up an item – take along a friend or meet the seller in a public place such as a store’s parking lot. 

Garage Sales, Auctions & Estate Sales, Oh My! 

The hunt is definitely on when you visit garage sales and estate sales as well as attend auctions.  You never know what you will find.  You might pick up a lamp in a current shape and color or find a groovy vintage lamp from the ‘60s.      

The early bird truly gets the worm at garage sales.  Arrive when the garage sale starts to score the best items.  At estate sales, prices typically are progressively marked down as the sale continues (e.g. 25% off on Day 2, half price on the sale’s final day.  As for auctions, get there early to check out the merchandise and find out when the auctioneer will sell the items you’re interested in.  This way you can better juggle your time whether the items will be sold toward the beginning of the auction or several hours later toward the end. 

How do you find home decor on a budget? I’d love to hear all of your tips! 







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