Tips for Cooking Chicken in the Instant Pot

The instant pot is an incredibly versatile cooking tool that makes your job so ridiculously easy in the kitchen, it’s almost hilarious. It is able to cook all different types of foods super fast and offers several more cooking settings on it than what you find on a regular slow-cooker. An Instant Pot can cook a whole chicken breast in as little as 15 minutes! Stick around to find out more tips for cooking chicken while using an instant pot.   

Instant Pot Chicken Cooking Tips 

There are several cooking options that you can use when cooking chicken. Thankfully, it’s already made it incredibly easy for you. There’s a poultry button already on your Instant Pot. Go ahead and put several boneless chicken breasts in the Instant Pot and add water.  

Next, close it and seal the vent. Set the pressure on high for 10 minutes. After the time is up, you can quickly release the pressure and then remove the chicken. It’s amazing how good and juicy it tastes in a matter of only 10 minutes!  

You should also try putting chicken breasts in the trivet that came with the Instant Pot. This keeps them separate from the liquid so that you’re not boiling them. This also helps to keep the chicken staying extra juicy. Don’t waste the broth. You can use it along with the chicken to make chicken noodle soup or other types of soup.  

How You Want Your Chicken to Turn Out 

For firm and easy to dice chicken: you’ll want to have a 10 minute cook time, but then use the quick-release of pressure so that your chicken breast is not overcooked.  

If you want your chicken tender and to shred easily: keep the pressure on the chicken for a little longer, and use the natural release option for an extra 5 minutes of time after you’ve cooked it for 15 minutes.  

For cooking chicken still with the bone-in: there’s no difference in the cooking time to those that have no bones in them.  

Be sure that you don’t overcook the chicken breast, but this is more difficult to do with a pressure cooker because there’s so much moisture that keeps the chicken moist.   

Cooking Frozen Chicken Breast  

With the Instant Pot, there’s no need to wait to thaw out a frozen chicken breast. Say what? You’ll only need to consider adding around 2 to 5 minutes extra, depending on the size or number of breasts. This will cook a frozen chicken breast under pressure in as little as 15 minutes. That’s incredible!  

If you’re needing a few ideas or recipes that use chicken, check out these 30 chicken Instant Pot recipes to get you started. If you’ve recently purchased an Instant Pot for yourself, do you now feel more confident about how to cook chicken while using it? If you’ve been cooking chicken with an Instant Pot for a while now, do you know of any other helpful tips that a newbie would appreciate?  


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