Unicorn Popcorn 

There have been many nights my kids just sit there bored because I run out of fun ideas to do with them. The other night, I was looking at popcorn and the chocolate I had on the counter. This is where Unicorn Popcorn was born. It doesn’t take a lot of thought and it takes even fewer items to make it! I truly love making this with the kids because they think it’s pure magic. 

How to Make Unicorn Popcorn

The next time you’re bored and looking for something to do, give this Unicorn Popcorn a try. Once you give it a taste, you’ll also want to make it quite often. It’s sweet, but it makes for a great treat. There is no denying that kids love this recipe! 


  • Air pop popcorn maker
  • Piping bags (optional)

What you need: 

  • 4-5 cups air-popped popcorn
  • Wilton Food Decorative Color Mist, Pink
  • 1/2 cup blue, yellow, green candy melts
  • 1-2 tsp coconut or vegetable oil split among colors to make for easier pouring
  • Sprinkles


How to Make Unicorn Popcorn 

Pop the popcorn with an air popper. Or use plain bagged non-buttered popcorn. Lay the popcorn on two cookie sheets and spray lightly with the pink (or other colors) food spray. Turn over and coat the other sid


Let dry as you prep the candy melts. Place the candy melts in a small microwave-safe bowl. Heat for 60 seconds, stir, and reheat as needed. Add in 1/2 teaspoon or more of coconut or vegetable oil to make the candy melts more loose and easily drizzled

Drizzle half of the candy melts over the popcorn, add sprinkles, let dry. Reheat the candy melts and toss the popcorn to coat the other side with the second drizzle.Let the popcorn dry completely before serving

Using a piping bag will help control the amount of chocolate going onto the popcorn! 

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