Tips To Get Motivated To Workout

This post is sponsored by Walmart, however, all opinions are my own.

In the last month I have gotten back to working out doing a mix of yoga, CrossFit, and Peloton classes. It may sound like a lot, however, I easily get bored with doing the same thing over and over and having options has been great. However, having all these options means I go through workout clothes a lot during the week. I have been buying some budget friendly workout pieces from Walmart. The Champion pieces have been my go to.

Tips To Get Motivated To Workout

Tip 1 – Track your progress

I always take pictures of myself before I embark on a fitness journey because there have been times the scale doesn’t move and that leads to self sabotage. A picture says a thousand words.

Tip 2 – Remember Your Why

Ask yourself why you are working out. It honestly should be about you and not about other people. I workout because it makes me feel good afterwards, it’s also great for mental health and I also want to keep up with our active boys.

Tip 3 – Pace Yourself

I always remind myself that some days are better than others. I might eat crappy for breakfast and in the past that would just derail me for days. But then one of my good friends almost 4 years ago would always say “You can start over at lunch.” It’s a nice reminder that I don’t have to throw away a whole day and start over the next day.

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