7 Gifts For the Home Chef

This post is sponsored by Walmart, however, all opinions are my own. 

Late night scrolling I found myself browsing the Walmart Home site for gift ideas. I found some items that would make great gifts for the home chef in your life. Since I have been working from home, I went out and bought a new coffee maker since the one we had was almost 10 years old and it was time for it to retire. The one I picked has your typical coffee maker with a pot but also has the single serve option. This has come in handy when I just need one cup of coffee as a pick me up late in the day.

I used the Walmart curbside pickup when I placed my coffee maker order. I had a busy day of meetings so I just ordered online and once I got the email that my order was ready I headed to the store.

Below are some items that I found while scrolling that would make great gifts

found these colorful serving dishes that I have now also added to my wishlist.

  1. Colorful serving dishes. I added these to my holiday wishlist
  2. A kettle that is not a sight for sore eyes. The spout makes it great for pour over coffee.
  3. A cast iron skillet. Every home chef needs a cast iron skillet.
  4. A Kitchenaid mixer. Great for those that love to bake. If you want to explore other uses, they now have an assortment of attachments that one can purchase.
  5. A Dutch oven
  6. A cake stand, the mint color of this one makes it standout on your kitchen counter.



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