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About popular Ohio style blogger, Beverley Adams

My name is Bev and I am an auditor by day and a Ohio style blogger by night. I also played rugby for a bit.

Growing up in Zimbabwe and being a middle child, I was used to always getting my older sister’s hand me downs.  To this day, I will go through my friends’ piles of clothes to discard or give away because you just never know what gems they could be getting rid of.  I was never one to follow trends when I was younger, mostly because what I got from my sister was always out of style.  I learned to cherish and hold on to classics. At an early age I realized that no matter how many years I owned those items they never looked dated. It also helped in not being teased by other kids for wearing dated clothes.

I started making my own clothes when I was around 14 and that was when I fell in love with fashion.  I was in my element sewing.

Over the years my style has evolved.

I hope you follow along on this journey of growing up, learning to adapt to ever changing styles and ever changing bodies!

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