DIY Movie Date Night at Home

Whether you are on a budget, can’t afford a babysitter (let alone movie theater prices!), or just need a comfy night at home, a movie date night is an easy, affordable, and fun way to spend an evening in. If you’re wondering how watching a movie at home could possibly be out of the ordinary, let alone considered a date night, keep reading! Surprise your loved one with a movie night that will not only be memorable, but unique. Check out these movie date night at home ideas! 

Dinner is a Must Do  

Whether eating a meal during the movie or just snacking, it’s possible to make this part special. For dinner, consider what your significant other enjoys eating. If you’re cooking, try to make something out of the ordinary.  

If pizza is your go-to movie food, try homemade pizza. It’s easy to customize to each of your likings, and if you don’t feel up to the task of making your own pizza dough from scratch, lots of pre-made pizza crusts are available. For non-pizza lovers, consider Chinese food (take-out or homemade), or something you don’t make often.  

Don’t Forget the Snacks!  

Snacks are an easy way to make a movie night special. If you have a space for setting out options that is near your movie viewing area, try bowls of not only popcorn, but pretzels, or cheese puffs, along with a candy variety dish. Big box stores tend to sell small amounts of candy in Movie Theater sized boxes for around one dollar each. It’s an easy way to have a variety of candy without breaking the bank.  

Don’t forget drinks! Whether you enjoy a glass of wine or a beer with a movie, or if you prefer soda, water, or lemonade, have a variety of on-hand and place everything out with the food. Use a larger plastic bin filled with ice to keep drinks chilled and ready to drink.

Get Cozy 

Whether it’s warm or chilly outside, it’s possible to make your movie viewing space comfy. For something out of the ordinary, try either dimming the lights or turning them off completely and using candles to create a warm glow for the room.  

Grab a big blanket to snuggle under together and keep it near the movie viewing area. If you want to sit somewhere other than the couch, set some pillows up on the floor with sleeping bags or an air mattress. 

Make it Romantic 

For those who want to make this event a romantic evening, definitely light candles around the room and grab one cozy blanket to share, but kick it up a notch with some fresh flowers, strawberries dipped in chocolate, chocolate fondue, and some champagne. This is a must for movie date night at home. 

Choosing a Movie 

This may be the most difficult step for many people. If you have many different platforms for streaming movies, your possibilities could be endless. Try picking a movie from each different genre and let your loved one choose the genre. Don’t forget the classics or favorites from your childhood or college years! Watching nostalgic movies can be a great way to spend an evening with someone you love. 

Movies may seem like an impersonal date, but paired with dinner or your significant other’s favorite snacks or drinks, it can be a really great way to spend time together. Whatever your goal (saving money or quality time), a movie date night at home is not only cost-effective, it’s fun, unique, and a great way to show a loved one that you care about them.  What would you add for your own movie date night at home? 

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